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Student Disability Services
University of Mississippi

Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Advising

Do I come to SDS for my academic advising?

Learn More About Academic Advising

Academic Probation/Suspension/Dismissal

I have been placed on academic probation/suspension/dismissal. How do I appeal that decision?

Learn More About Academic Probation, Suspension and Dismissal

Admission Requirements

I have a disability and don’t quite meet the requirements for admission to the University. Can SDS help me?

Learn More About Admission Requirements

Appeal Process: Academic and Disability-Related

What should I do if I want to appeal an academic or accommodation decision?

Learn More About Appeal Process Academic and Disability Related


What should I do if I cannot attend class because of my disability?

Learn More About Attendance

Conduct of Students

What happens if my disability causes me to act in a way that may be inappropriate?

Learn More About Student Conduct


How does the University protect my confidentiality?

Learn More About Confidentiality

Course Waivers and Substitutions

Can I get some of my courses waived or substituted even if they are required for my degree?

Learn More About Course Waivers and Substitutions

Emotional Support Animals

Are there any special regulations for an Emotional Support Animal on campus?

Learn More About Emotional Support Animals Policy

Funding Opportunities

Where can I get additional funding to help me through school?

Learn More About Funding Opportunities


How can I get accommodations on my GRE, PRAXIS, GMAT, etc?

Learn More About GRE, Praxis, GMAT, and Other Tests

IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or 504 Plan

Is my Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan from high school enough documentation to get accommodations?

Learn More About Individualized Education Plan or 504 Plan

Instructor Notification of a Disability

How will my instructors know that I have a disability and will need accommodations?

Learn More About Instructor Notification of a Disability


Will SDS help manage and arrange my medication while I’m a student at The University of Mississippi?

Learn More About Medication

New Student Orientation

Is there a special orientation session for new students with disabilities?

Learn More About New Student Orientation

Parking on Campus

How can I get special parking on campus?

Learn More About Parking on Campus

Temporary Injuries/Illnesses

What is the policy on Temporary Injuries and Illnesses?

Learn More About Temporary Injuries and Illnesses


Where do I go if I need tutoring in one of my classes?

Learn More About Tutoring

Visitors with Disabilities

I have a disability and will need assistance when I visit the Oxford campus. Who do I contact about making those arrangements?

Learn More About Visitors with Disabilities

Vocational Rehabilitation Information

What is Vocational Rehabilitation and how can it help me with my disability?

Learn More About Vocational Rehabilitation Information

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