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Student Disability Services
University of Mississippi

Donate to SDS

Your generous support of Student Disability Services will allow us to continue giving students with disabilities the highest quality support in all service areas. Service areas include, but are not
limited to accessibility training, outreach programs, continuous maintenance and updating of accessible technology, purchasing new, cutting-edge technology that directly impacts students with
disabilities, support for the SDS Testing Center, etc.

Please read the instructions below to make your gift to Student Disability Services:

  1. Click the button below to jump to the gifting page.
  2. Choose the amount of your financial gift.
  3. Click the “Select Fund” drop down box and choose “Other Fund”.
  4. In the Search box type in “Student Disability Services”.
  5. From the options presented choose one of the choices given.
  6. Choose “Set Designation”.
  7. Click the button “Add Gift”.
  8. Choose your “Billing Options”, “Gift Options”, and “Billing Information”.
  9. Click “Done”.

The staff as well as the students we serve appreciate your continued support and are eternally grateful for your generosity.

Thank you.

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