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Student Disability Services
University of Mississippi

How will my instructors know that I have a disability and will need accommodations?

If direct classroom accommodations are recommended and the student chooses to use them, the student will be given an Instructor Notification of Classroom Accommodations form to give to each instructor. A new Notification form must be completed for each semester. Notification forms verify that the student is registered with SDS and informs the instructor of the determined reasonable accommodations.

The student is responsible for delivering the Instructor Notification of Classroom Accommodations form to faculty and instructors. Students SHOULD NOT hand the Instructor Notification forms to the instructors and then walk away. Students should meet with each instructor in order to discuss the approved accommodations and the implementation of those accommodations in each class.

When requested, instructors will be expected to assist in the provision of accommodations when reasonable and necessary. Instructors are not expected to compromise essential elements of the course or evaluation standards.
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