Student Disability Services

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  • SDS Lab Accessible Format Production Station

    SDS Lab Accessible Format Production Station

    Audio Books, Magnified Text, Braille, and Tactile Images can be produced for students with disabilities.

    SDS Lab Accessible Workstations

    SDS Lab Accessible Workstations

    These workstations have various installed Assistive Technology like Zoomtext Magnifier/Reader, JAWS Screen Reader, Read and Write Gold Literacy Software, and Dragon Naturally Speaking Dictation Software.



    Dr. Roy Thurston lectures on the Impact of Neuroscience in Education and Emotional Learning for Disability Awareness Month.


    Disability Awareness Month Student Panel

    Students with disabilites talk about their experiences during a panel discussion titled 'Sometimes I Feel Invisible: Living with a Disability,' led by moderator and journalism professor Kathleen Wickham.


    Hand Band Signing Rave

    Students show their sign language skills to songs during the Hand Band Signing Rave during Disability Awareness Month.

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    Picture shows Student Disability Services Logo highlighting Access, Equity, and Inclusion.

    The Office of Student Disability Services (SDS) at The University of Mississippi is committed to ensuring equal access to a quality education for qualified students with disabilities through the provision of reasonable academic accommodations which support University standards and academic integrity.

    University policy provides for reasonable accommodations to be made for students with verified disabilities on an individualized and flexible basis as specified under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).

    SDS provides classroom accommodations to all students on campus who disclose a disability, request accommodations, and who meet eligibility criteria. We do not have specialized programs for specific types of disabilities.

    Students with disabilities are served in much the same way as other students on campus. We believe that each department on campus has expertise unique to that unit and students are better served by interacting with each department according to their needs. For example, students with housing needs should contact the Office of Student Housing and Residence Life; students with registration questions should contact the Registrar’s Office or their Academic Advisor and so on. In this way, students receive appropriate information from those with the specific expertise and knowledge to answer the student’s question(s). Students are encouraged to contact SDS if they do not know which campus office to contact for a specific question or problem.

    To view The University of Mississippi’s official policies and procedures for students with disabilities, please visit this link:

    Policies and Procedures for Students with Disabilities

    We look forward to assisting prospective and enrolled students with disabilities who may require assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or requests for additional information.

    Hotty Toddy,

    Stacey Reycraft, M.Ed.
    Director for Student Disability Services

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