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Student Disability Services
University of Mississippi

SDS Appeal Process

To Appeal An Accommodation Or Modification-Related Decision
Step 1: Appeal to the Director. Within 10 calendar days of the original accommodation decision, the student must submit a written appeal to the Director. The Director has 10 calendar days from receipt of the appeal to either deny the appeal or achieve a resolution of the appeal, and will provide the student a written explanation of the decision.

Step 2: Appeal to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. If the student wishes to appeal further, the student must submit a written appeal to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. The written appeal must be submitted to the Assistant Vice Chancellor within seven (7) calendar days following the end of Step 1. The Assistant Vice Chancellor will render a written decision, provided to the student, within 10 calendar days of receipt of the appeal. The decision of the Assistant Vice Chancellor is final.

Please Note:
  1. To maintain the integrity of the appeal process, the SDS staff member(s) responsible for the original decision will not be included in the review of the appeal except as is necessary to gather information about the original decision.
  2. At any time during the process of appealing an accommodation-related decision, the student has the right to submit additional documentation for consideration by SDS.
  3. During the review of an appeal, SDS may consult with professionals outside of the department for clarification of external documentation, information related to the essential elements of a course or program, or other information that may be determined to be necessary.
To Appeal An Academic Decision
To appeal an academic decision (such as a grade or academic suspension), the student should contact the Office of the Registrar at (662)915-7792 for information regarding the appeal process. Academic appeal processes can also be found in the University Policy Directory.
To Report Disability-Related Discrimination
If a student believes he or she has experienced discrimination based on a disability and wishes to file an official complaint, the student should contact the Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity & Regulatory Compliance (EORC). The telephone number for EORC is 662-915-7735 and the Office is located in room 120 of Lester Hall.
To Report Physical Access Issues
If a student would like to report a problem with physical access on campus, the student can contact SDS at 662-915-7128 or EORC at 662-915-7735.

University policy prohibits retaliatory action being taken against any complainant, or any person assisting in the investigation of a complaint or appeal, who is also acting in good faith. Persons who knowingly bring false allegations or engage in retaliatory actions may be subjected to immediate disciplinary action.


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