Student Disability Services

University of Mississippi
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I broke my arm/leg. Am I covered under ADA?

Although temporary injuries or illnesses are not covered as disabilities under the ADA or under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the University recognizes that such injuries/illnesses can occur during the school year and may adversely affect a student’s ability to fully participate in classes. Therefore, the Office of Student Disability Services may provide temporary accommodations to those students who have been injured or become seriously ill based on the availability of resources and service providers. Such accommodations must meet the same criteria as for permanent disabilities.

The completion of an intake application is necessary before accommodations can be provided. Documentation guidelines are similar to those that are required for other physical disorders. We require documentation from a licensed healthcare professional that clearly states the diagnosis, the functional limitations, the prognosis (specifically how long the accommodations will be necessary) and recommendations for academic accommodations.

Please be aware that the University cannot accommodate the inability to attend class. Accommodations are considered to be supplements to the classroom experience. They are not intended to replace regular classroom attendance and participation.

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