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Description of Process and Why
The Office of Student Disability Services uses a holistic approach when working with students who are requesting accommodations at the University of Mississippi. First, the student will be asked to fill out the “Rebel Access Application” and submit professional documentation supporting the specific diagnosis and accommodation request. In addition to receiving professional documentation, SDS will also meet with the student for an “Initial Interview”. During this time, the student will be able to provide information from his or her perspective to gain a comprehensive view of the student’s specific needs. By implementing these three preliminary steps, SDS will be able to address the individual needs of the student to formulate a successful accommodation plan.
Process Checklist
  1. Have you been admitted to the University of Mississippi?
  2. Have you submitted the “Rebel Access Application”?
  3. Have you submitted professional documentation that includes a specific diagnosis and supports your accommodation request?
  4. Have you completed an “Initial Interview” meeting with SDS?
  5. Have you received confirmation that your file has been reviewed and approved to receive accommodations?
  6. Have you scheduled an “Approval Meeting” with SDS?
  7. Have you provided your instructors with the “Instructor Notification” form and discussed the specific implementation of accommodations with the instructor?
Process Description
To better understand the process within the Office of Student Disability Services, the following outlines all of the steps to take for a student to receive accommodations:
  1. First, the student must be admitted to the University of Mississippi.
  2. The student will fill out the “Rebel Access Application”.
  3. The student will provide professional documentation that supports the specific accommodations you are requesting. Based upon your diagnosis, the type of documentation may vary. If you have questions, additional details can be found on our website.
  4. The student will schedule and participate in an “Initial Interview”. To do this, you need to call the office at 662-915-7128 and ask to schedule and “Initial Interview”. Please note that this is not the same as completing the Intake Application.
  5. Once steps 1-3 are complete, Student Disability Services will review your entire file to see if you are eligible for services. Then, you will receive one of the following:
  1. Notification that the documentation in your file supports your request for accommodations. At this time, you will need to call SDS to schedule an “Approval Meeting”.
  2. Notification that your file needs additional documentation and/or information before you can be deemed eligible for accommodations.
  1. During the “Approval Meeting”, specific and individualized accommodations will be discussed. Also, policies and procedures will be reviewed. If the student has an official class schedule, the student will receive “Instructor Notification” forms to give each instructor.
  2. The student will meet with their instructors to provide them with the official “Instructor Notification” form. The “Instructor Notification” form will list the approved classroom and testing accommodations. The student will speak with the instructor to discuss specific details regarding how the accommodations will be implemented.
Rebel Access Application and Documentation Guidelines

To apply for disability services click the following link to fill out the: Rebel Access Application.

NOTE: Click the following link to view a PDF version of: Documentation Guidelines.
(To download an accessible version of this document, right click on the link and choose “Save Link As…”.)
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