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Student Disability Services
University of Mississippi

Campus Weapons Policy

Summary/Purpose: Except under the narrow circumstances outlined in this policy, the possession of firearms and other weapons on campus is prohibited and may constitute a felony in certain circumstances.

Under state law, it is a felony in certain instances to possess a firearm, pistol, shotgun, rifle, or other weapon on the University of Mississippi campus or on any property owned by or controlled by the University (“The University Campus”). Firearms and other weapons are prohibited, except as specified in this policy.

For the purposes of this policy, a weapon is any dangerous instrument used, attempted or threatened to be used, or is readily capable of being used to cause death or serious physical injury, including but not limited to the following: any gun, shotgun, rifle, pistol or other firearm, any device from which a shot, projectile, or other object may be discharged by force (whether operable or inoperable, loaded or unloaded), nooses, sticks, poles, pipes, “nun-chucks,” blackjacks, leaded canes, brass or metallic knuckles, bowie knives, dirk knives, butcher knives, switchblade knives, daggers, blades, machetes, swords, hatchets, metal spikes, bow and arrows, slingshots, metal darts, razors and razor blades (except as used for personal grooming), “BB guns,” “air rifles,” “air pistols,” pellet guns, paint ball guns, laser pointers, fire, dynamite, dynamite cartridges, bombs, grenades, torches, gun powder, firecrackers, fireworks, mines or powerful explosives, and any other pyrotechnic, incendiary or explosive devices.

The possession of pistols, firearms, or other weapons in any form by any person other than duly authorized law enforcement officials, institutional security officials, and other authorized persons is prohibited on campus and at institutional off-campus events. The term “other authorized persons” includes those individuals authorized by applicable law and by the institutional executive officer or his/her designee. “Other authorized persons” also includes those individuals who have in their possession a valid, unexpired state enhanced concealed carry firearms permit or the equivalent permit issued by a state with a reciprocity agreement with Mississippi. Even so, those individuals possessing such enhanced concealed carry permits are not permitted to possess firearms in any non-public institutional locations. Students and employees are not authorized to possess firearms on institutional property or at institutional off-campus events regardless of possession of firearms permits. Possession of firearms is prohibited in locations where same is prohibited by applicable federal law, regardless as to whether those locations are designated as public or non-public.

Public campus locations include:
  1. Museums (other than classrooms),
  2. Student Union (other than classrooms),
  3. Library (other than classrooms),
  4. Dining facilities,
  5. Recreation centers (other than classrooms and athletic event venues),
  6. Student health centers, and
  7. Any other locations not designated as “non-public/sensitive”.
Non-public campus locations include:
  1. Academic classrooms,
  2. Administrative, faculty and staff offices,
  3. Intercollegiate athletic event venues,
  4. Residence halls, fraternity and sorority houses,
  5. Laboratories and research facilities,
  6. Ticketed events (concerts, speakers, etc.),
  7. Patient care areas within a student health center,
  8. Areas/locations within a student health center containing radiological source materials or flammable/combustible gases or chemicals,
  9. Areas/locations within a student health center containing confidential student and/or patient records,
  10. Preschool/Daycare facilities, and
  11. Areas or locations in which student conduct proceedings are held.
Members of the Ole Miss Women’s Rifle Team may possess and use weapons sanctioned for their sport at the Ole Miss Rifle Center as may competing teams.

No person may possess a gun, shotgun, rifle, pistol or other firearm on campus while engaged in any type of criminal activity, or while consuming or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, regardless of whether the individual possesses an Enhanced Carry Permit. An individual with an Enhanced Carry Permit may not brandish, exhibit or display a firearm in a threatening manner. The discharge of any firearm on campus is strictly prohibited.

To ensure the safety of all persons on its campus, to protect University property and to ensure no disruption of its educational mission, the University also prohibits the wearing of masks, disguises and other means of concealing one’s identity. The wearing of protective gear, such as body armor, shields and chainmail is also prohibited.

Violation of this policy may subject one to criminal liability, immediate removal from campus, campus events or facilities, or other disciplinary action, including termination or sanctions under the University conduct system.

For questions, please contact University Police Department (UPD) at 662-915-7234 or the University’s General Counsel at 662-915-7014.
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