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Student Disability Services
University of Mississippi

University Owned Student Housing

Requests for housing accommodations should be submitted as soon as possible after the University’s Housing application is available or as soon as possible after admission to the University. Please review the University’s Housing Accommodation Policy for more information on requesting housing accommodations. Please note, students must complete a housing request through Student Housing at the same time they are requesting housing accommodations through SDS.

Housing accommodation requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis, and assignments are based on availablity. Approval for housing accommodations is not a guarantee of approval to reside in campus owned and managed housing. Preference for campus owned or managed student housing is given to new, first-year student’s due to the University’s Freshman Residency Requirement.

Students approved for housing accommodations must follow all Student Housing policies and procedures, as well as all timelines and deadlines.

Listed here are some examples of housing accommodations:
*Waivers of On-Campus Living Requirement

The on-campus living experience is considered to be a central and essential aspect of college life. There are significant advantages to living on campus. Research indicates that students who live on campus typically have higher overall GPAs than students living off campus. Students also tend to stay enrolled and graduate at higher rates when living on campus. Just as important, living in a campus housing community provides students with an opportunity to develop vital, life-long skills such as respect for others, patience and the ability to compromise, understanding and appreciating the diverse backgrounds and cultures of other students, and personal growth in the areas of self-respect, independence and confidence. Students also grow with the expectation that hall residents hold one another accountable for behaviors and decisions. These skills are learned when residents interact with roommates and engage in the community-based educational and social programs provided by the residence halls.

It is for these reasons that the University requires that freshman students live on campus. Waivers of the on-campus living requirement will only be provided as an accommodation when a student requires a housing accommodation that cannot be provided within the on-campus housing environment.
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