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Program Description

The Note Taking Program is a supplemental note taking program that allows students who have supplemental note taking as an approved accommodation to have a streamlined and efficient way to obtain notes. It provides the student with notes from a student volunteer enrolled in the class who, in turn, receives community service hours for their volunteer service. The program is designed to ensure that barriers to lecture acquisition do not prevent students from engagement with verbally presented lecture content. The University of Mississippi is committed to providing an efficient note-taker system.

How It Works

The course instructor will notify students that a volunteer note taker is needed. Interested volunteers will need to complete a volunteer application on the Student Disability Services website. Once selected, the volunteer note taker will receive the name and email address of the student for whom notes will be taken. The recipient of the notes is responsible for contacting the volunteer note taker and arrange a way for notes to be received. The volunteer note taker is responsible for keeping a log of the dates that notes are provided in order to receive community service hours at the end of the semester. If a student takes notes for the entire semester, the student will earn 34 community service hours. If the student takes notes for part of the semester, then community service hours are prorated based on how many note taking hours have been logged. Notes may either be typed and emailed, or handwritten. If they are written by hand, Student Disability Services will provide carbon copy paper.

Notetaking Policy

Please click the following link for more information about the Student Disability Services Notetaking Policy.

Volunteer Notetaker Notes Receipt Log
Right Click the following link and choose Save Link As to download a fillable and accessible PDF form of the: Volunteer Notetaker Notes Receipt Log.

Volunteer Notetaker Application Forms

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