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Student Disability Services
University of Mississippi

Disability and Civil Rights

Disability makes up the largest minority group in the world. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 are not related to entitlement. They are civil rights legislation created to address historical and current disability-related discrimination that occurs multiple settings, including education, employment, and housing.

The University of Mississippi is committed to providing inclusive, accessible learning environments to all students, regardless of ability, by the elimination of unintentional curricular barriers to learning and assessment. Equal access can often be achieved through course design; however, barriers to the academic environment may still exist for students with disabilities.

Because equity and inclusion are civil rights issues, and civil rights compliance is a central function of the University, it is the responsibility of all university faculty and staff to ensure access to the various university environments. The University cannot ensure inclusive educational and curricular environments without the support and commitment from academic departments and faculty. Faculty are the experts in their curriculum and course content. Because of this, providing a fully inclusive and equitable environment for students with disabilities is not possible without input and engagement from all constituencies, including faculty.
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