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Student Disability Services
University of Mississippi

Campus Access

Students with physical disabilities that impact mobility may need accommodations related to classroom activities. Accommodations that can be provided to ensure equal access to classroom activities include, but are not limited to:
  • Access to Field Trips and Other Out of Classroom Activities:
    If the instructor or University is providing transportation, that transportation must be accessible to those who use mobility devices, including wheelchairs. The locations of any field trips or out of class activities must also be accessible to those who use mobility devices.
  • Access to Elevators:
    If a field trip or out of class activities is located on the upper floor of a structure, it must be available by elevator to the student who uses the mobility device.
  • Relocation of Classroom to Accessible Classroom and/or Building:
    Though rare, there might be a situation in which a classroom is in an inaccessible building on campus, or becomes inaccessible if there are elevator problems. In these situations, SDS will work with the course instructor and academic department to move the classroom to an accessible location or to provide alternate, accessible instruction.
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