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Student Disability Services
University of Mississippi

Access to Course Content

Some students with disabilities may struggle to keep up with course lectures and take notes at the same time. Many instructors provide course content to all students in the class by providing access to PowerPoint presentations, study guides, and outlines via Blackboard or other online learning platforms.

To assist with accessing course content, SDS can approve, as an accommodation, the use of a personal electronic device to assist with notetaking. This allows the student to use different technologies and apps to assist in capturing lecture content. Using this accommodation, student can:
  • Type notes.
  • Audio record lectures.
  • Sync recordings with notes.
  • Take pictures of the board.
More information about the different kinds of notetaking technology and apps that are available can be found here: Technology and Apps That Assist With Notetaking.

To assist with acquiring course content, students are also encouraged to:
  • Attend class regularly.
  • Review your class’s online learning platform frequently for updated information provided by your instructors.
  • Stay current with course reading assignments.
Collaborate with other class members to share and compare notes taken during class.
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