Student Disability Services

University of Mississippi

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Verification Process

STEP 1 РStudents must be admitted to The University of Mississippi before the verification process can begin. For information about admissions, please contact the Admissions Office at (662) 915-7226 or visit their web-page by clicking on the link.

STEP 2 – Students must complete and sign a Student Request for Reasonable Accommodations/Modifications Intake Application. This application is completed to allow the student to self-disclose a disorder or impairment and request accommodations. We cannot review any documentation submitted without having a completed and signed intake application on file. Submission of an intake application does not guarantee a determination of eligibility. To download a Student Request for Reasonable Accommodations/Modifications Intake Application choose one of the following options:

Intake Application – Word Version
Intake Application – PDF Version (For an accessible and fillable version, save PDF first.)

STEP 3 – Students must submit documentation from a licensed healthcare professional which clearly states a diagnosis, details the student’s CURRENT functioning, and supports any requests for accommodations. Documentation must also include recommendations for reasonable classroom accommodations. Detailed information regarding our documentation guidelines can be found here.

STEP 4 – Within ten working days of our receipt of both the intake application and the documentation, students will receive an initial status report from this office informing them that they have been verified, that we need more information or that they have been denied.

STEP 5 – Students who are found to be eligible for reasonable accommodations are required to continue the verification process by meeting with a verification specialist for a verification meeting, at which time they will discuss the student’s strengths and weaknesses, how the student learns best and which accommodations may be most appropriate for that student.

STEP 6 – To complete the verification process, students will then meet with the disability specialist in order to confirm accommodations, complete the final paperwork and arrange classroom accommodations.

Types of Verification

1. On-going – Students who receive an on-going verification have submitted complete documentation which supports their requests for accommodations. These students will not be required to submit additional documentation UNLESS they request an accommodation that has not already been approved and which is not supported by the documentation previously submitted.

2. Yearly Renewal – A yearly renewal verification is approved for those students who have a disorder or impairment, the impact of which may change over time. Students with psychiatric disorders and certain types of physical disorders, such as some chronic illnesses, may be verified on a yearly basis. These students will be required to submit updated documentation each year so that SDS can adjust verification status and accommodations if needed.

3. Temporary – Temporary verification status may be given to students who have submitted some documentation which may confirm a diagnosis but may not be complete enough to determine the need for accommodations. Examples of this include students who submit outdated documentation or partial documentation. These students are verified on a temporary, semester-long basis, allowing them time to gather the necessary documentation.