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Alternate Format and Assistive Technology

Alternate Format

Types of Alternate Format Available:

  • Accessible PDF
  • Accessible Word Doc
  • MP3 Audio
  • Braille
  • Magnification
  • Tactile

Text Conversion Process:

  1. Once approved for alternate format, if it is your first semester, you need to meet with the Adaptive Technology Specialist to talk about the alternate format process. Any following semesters, this process can be performed completely by email.
  2. A copy of the textbook receipt/invoice is required.
  3. The Alternate Format Request Form must be filled completely using Adobe Reader. This form includes the copyright agreement which must be digitally signed using ONLY Adobe Reader.

Other Important Alternate Format Notes:

  1. After receiving notification for alternate format, the Adaptive Technology Specialist will send out an email to the student with the Alternate Format Request Form attached. Furthermore, the email will include detailed instructions on how to fill out the attached form as well as other pertinent information for listening to the alternate format on a computer.
  2. Alternate format cannot be provided unless a copy of the textbook receipt/invoice and the completed and digitally signed Alternate Format Request Form are both received by the Adaptive Technology Specialist. This is based on publisher copyright laws.
  3. Alternate format is processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. Alternate format is considered a free service.
  5. Alternate format does not have to be returned at the end of the semester unless an exception is specifically made by the Adaptive Technology Specialist.

Assistive Technology

Student Disability Services has a total of 7 accessible computer stations available for students with disabilities. 5 of those computer stations are in the lab and 2 are private room computers. Besides having the typical software of Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader, they have various accessible software installed. To know which computer has what software installed, there is an orange sheet taped to the wall over the computer which identifies the type of accessible software installed.

SDS Accessible Computer Stations:

  • JAWS Screen Reader
  • Kurzweil 1000 Literacy Software for Blind
  • Zoomtext Magnifier/Reader
  • Read and Write Gold Literacy Software
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking Dictation Software
  • Dolphin Easy Reader DAISY Player
  • Sorenson nTouch Videophone

SDS Assistive Technology Hardware Available:

  • Wheelchair Accessible Tables
  • CCTV Desktop Magnifiers
  • Portable Magnifiers
  • DAISY Audio Players
  • FM Systems
  • Braille Embosser

Assistive Technology Hardware Checkout:
An Assistive Technology Loan Agreement must be filled out and signed by the student in the presence of the Adaptive Technology Specialist before any hardware is loaned to the student. Usually all assistive technology hardware is checked out for the entire semester unless an exception is specifically made by the Assistive Technology Specialist. There is a list of what is in the container for the device checked out for the semester. If anything is missing from the container for the assistive technology device, the student is responsible for the cost of replacement of any missing items unless an exception is made by the Adaptive Technology Specialist. If the item is not paid for within the time-frame specified by the Adaptive Technology Specialist, a hold can be placed on the student account until the missing item is paid in full.

SDS Other Hardware Available:

  • Flat-bed Scanners
  • Printers

Other Locations on Campus Where Accessible Computer Stations Exist:

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